T H E   J O U R N E Y   O F   M O T H E R H O O D

October 31, 2017

There is always a sweet spirit in the air when we have the privilege of photographing an expecting mother.  This beautiful evening was no exception.  Thank you to this beautiful couple for choosing us to capture such a precious milestone in their life! We cannot wait t...

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Hello!  Thank you for stopping by! My name is Jessica Laura Amundrud. I am a wife, mother, friend and photographer (alongside my husband) based out of Alberta, Canada. 
Here you will find some of my work as well as some of my many loves! 
My hope in sharing my little neck of the woods with you is that we would delight in this journey of motherhood together; that the mundane, routine, but tender moments would not be forgotten. I live to serve my family wholeheartedly as unto the Lord.